Hannah has been blogging on mental health since 2015 and guesting on Medium and the Mental Snapp website. She is currently writing a book, Seeing is Believing, on her experiences as a mental health campaigner and activist using film and story telling.

This is the opening of Seeing is Believing:

"I must've been twenty three when I promised myself I would make my mental health breakdowns something useful. If I didn't, I swore to myself, starting furiously at the wall of my loft bedroom in my mother's house, they would be a bloody waste of the most precious thing I have - time. At that moment, I was an ex-student of English Literature at Oxford University, with little or no prospect of graduating. In fact, I was banned in writing from going within four miles of Carfax, the city centre. I'd been sent an official and somewhat unhelpful letter by the Dean of my college, St Anne's, saying that I had been excluded from entering the city until I could produce a letter of medical fitness from a psychiatrist.

I never did produce that letter. I did something else instead. This book is about making something useful from mental health. It is about turning circumstance, seeing as I was there, into faith - or believing. I went from seeing to believing through film, though more importantly, I did it through story. We all have a story to tell. This is mine."